Baby Food

Hanseland is the only EU supplier of buckwheat flour suitable for use in baby food, meeting the most stringent requirements. Buckwheat flour is gluten free and contains a very high level of ready digestible protein. It was a traditional crop in the Netherlands, called the poor man’s crop, planted by the peat workers. Today pancakes are still made from buckwheat flour.

Each quantity delivered to clients is analysed by an independent certified institute. Over 25 analysis are made. Specifications include maximum levels for pesticides, various bacteria, cadmium, alkaloids and Ochratoxine.

Hanseland developed together with Koopmans Leeuwarden modifications in their production process to develop this niche market.

As a result of growing awareness of contaminants in food and food ingredients we expect in the coming 2 years to be able to double the sales of the very special buckwheat flour.

Hanseland has re-introduced commercial Buckwheat growing in the Netherlands. This year some 20 hectare buckwheat is grown in the Netherlands, offering this summer a magnificent view a beautiful white flowers and the sound of many many honey bees collecting up to 100kg buckwheat honey per hectare.