Instant Tomato and Yoghurt Powder

The same tarhana extrusion production technology is used to produce tomato and yoghurt powder in a continuous process under fully closed conditions.

HANSELAND’s tomato and yoghurt powder are used in dry soup and sauce mixes. The ultra short production time – less than 23 sec – preserves the full taste of the ingredients.

The carbohydrate carrier – wheat flour, wheat starch, corn starch or potato starch – gives the soup or sauce the required viscosity and mouth feel.

The extrusion process can be adjusted to allow the production of instant tomato powder or instant yoghurt powder.

Tarhana, tomato or yoghurt powder are produced to client specifications, also the ingredients tomato or yoghurt can be selected or specified by the client.

Fruit powders
The extrusion technology can also be used to produce fruit powders and fruit leather.

New developments
Recent development work has been done on extrusion of olive pulp (after removal of the oil) into reconstituted olive snacks.