Stable Thickners

Stable thickners Mayonnaise, Salad Dressing and Sauces

Stabilize in an instant without E number

Starch can be used in applications that do not incorporate a heating step during manufacturing or for “just-add-water” dry mixes. Instant starches are made either by precooking them on a hot roll, through an extruder, or by pre-swelling the granules and drying them intact.

A range of CWS starches has been developed for coldwater gelling or thickening purposes, and has better dispersion and flow characteristics for use in dry mix dressings or sauces.

Cold processing is growing in the dressing industry because of savings in time, labor, energy and equipment. Plus, “a pregelatinized starch can reduce the level of gum usage by as much as 60%.

Stable thickener INTIBO WX© can be successfully used in spoonable sauces, salad dressings and ketchup as instant modified starch in ‘cold’ Production processes. INTIBO WX is a NON-GMO modified starch without chemical modification and therefore without E number.

The addition of E-numbered additives to food products has been an issue of ongoing health concern for many years. Many such additives are believed to be linked to disorders including allergies, neurological disorders, bowel disorders, cancer, heart disease and arthritis. In more recent years further concerns have been raised that many of these additives may be of genetically modified (GM) origin. Some E-numbered additives may also be considered to be unsuitable for halal, kosher, vegetarianor vegan diets.