HANSELAND exports worldwide any quantity, by truck, ocean freight, air cargo or ex. factory. Clients enjoy unmatched Logistic Services, in-time, short communication lines, and impeccable shipping documents.

Optimal truck and container loading, Client artwork packaging, 25kg, 50lbs, big bags, flexi tanks bulk, 55 gallon drums. Arabic, Russian, Turkish labels & printing.

HANSELAND application laboratory makes it possible to develop and test applications and formulations from Peanut Coating to performance tests of Oil Drilling Mud, from Bio-mass pellets to… your imagination.

The Laboratory Pilot factory is fully equipped to develop new products and applications, a 28mm double screw W+P extruder, various milling equipment, a vast electronic library with the most recent R&D publications on world-wide developments in our field.

Your HANSELAND Team is young, energetic, responsible, and enthusiastic and looking forward to be of service to you, ready to share their know-how and experience with you.