Hanseland is the largest EU exporter of inuline fructose syrup, a product derived from the chicory (witlof) roots. Here left, a picture of the chicory flower.

This industry, with producers in the Netherlands and Belgium, is relative young. Hanseland participated right from the start by developing applications and export markets for this young industry. These efforts made it possible for this industry to grow and develop their own markets in the EU.

Today export of inuline fructose syrup continues to be a strong activity within Hanseland. Complicated EU export restitution regulations are handled with 100% accuracy. Hanseland inuline fructose syrup is used as honey replacement for the many bees in Switzerland, used in Saudi Arabian bakery products, water pipe tobacco, yeast fermentation industry and many more.

Inuline fructose syrup is a relative healthy sugar, only very slowly digested in the liver, rather then taken up directly in the blood. Fructose as powder is exported to many countries and used as sweetener for (sugar) diabetic consumers.