HANSELAND’s plant in Izmir-Turkey is -in its kind- the 1st in Southern Europe, Eastern Med. Area and the most recent build Extrusion production facility in Europe.

In-House Engineering and Construction-Installation were the guarantee for efficient Production lines which run 24/7 with zero break-down time since start-up (2008) and an absolute minimum of direct production personnel per shift.

Continuous Bench-marking in all Production areas resulted in the best scores for Energy usage per 1000kg end-product, lowest water usage(< 3m3 per day), no waste water, total closed system or re-cycled.

Reliability, minimum down-time, ease of operation, safety of personnel, quality, hygiene and flexibility are some of the key-aspects which the HANSELAND Team had in mind when Engineering and Constructing the production lines.

The experience and know-how of the HANSELAND team made it possible to select, source and install the very best manufacturing equipment.

EXTRUSION -combination of Science and Art-

EXTRUSION is a unique continuous manufacturing technology and replaced the traditional batch process.

Over 40 parameters, in addition to chemical reactions, can be used to obtain the desired properties of the end product.

Bread Crumbs, Ingredients for Mayonnaise, for Cake and other Bakery products, Adhesives, Textile weaving auxiliaries, Pasta products, Oil Drilling additives, Plasterboard additives, Airplane paint stripper, degradable plastics additives, Dry Soups, Paper auxiliaries, Iron ore & Coal pellet binder, Soya based meat replacement, Ingredients for Meat products, Dog feed, Calve milk replacer, Fish Feed,

The capability of Extrusion is virtually endless, only limited to our imagination.