Potato Starch

Potato Starch and modified Starches were and still are the basis of our activities.

Potato Starch is exported worldwide and used in a very large number of applications. Ranging from ceiling tiles in Saudi Arabia, noodles in Taiwan to grated cheese in the Netherlands.

Modified starches are highly functional products for both Food and Non-Food applications.

Modified Potato Starch is supplied to China for the construction industry (in gypsum plaster). Other products find their way to Moscow as wallpaper adhesives.

Every year over 2 billion cement bags are glued together with a potato starch based glue supplied by Hanseland.

The raw material requirements of the complete Middle East snack industry is supplied by Hanseland.

Market developments are very positive, new markets in Eastern Europe and the Far East develop very quick and we expect for coming years a substantial increase in business from these areas.