Oil and Drilling Industry

Modified Starches for Oil & Gas Drilling operations

Hanseland is world’s largest supplier of Starch-based Oil & Gas Drilling additives for Water Based Drilling Mud, using large capacity Extrusion production lines.

Drilling mud is used to circulate the drilled cuttings to the surface. Cool and lubricate the drill bit, remove the rock fragments or drill cuttings from the drilling area and transport them to the surface, counterbalance formation pressure to prevent formation fluids (such as oil, gas, and water) from entering the well prematurely (which can lead to a blowout), and prevent the open (uncased) wellbore from caving in.

Hanseland’s drilling additives provide lubrication, carrying capacity to the drilling mud and prevents that the drilling fluid enters into the drilled areas.

Special patented modified starches are used under the most severe pressures and temperatures of up to 350F. These patented modified starches are very cost effective and compete with costly synthetic products.

A product range of over 35 different modified starches are used by mud service companies in the most demanding drilling operations.