Paper and Packaging Industry

Modified Starches for Paper Production and Packaging Industry.

Extrusion manufacturing of modified starches for the Paper Industry is the latest development. Traditional these modified starches ar produced in batches under less then efficient conditions.

Cationizing reagents are used for the production of positively charged natural polymers(starch). These cationic or quaternary polymers are indispensable formulation components in a broad range of technical applications.

In particular, cationic starch ethers have become increasingly important in paper production as dry strength and retention agents.

Paper strength is one of the main restrictions in reducing raw-material cost. Applying highly effective TOPCAT starch derivatives will reduce cost while enhancing tensile properties.

ProCol paper bag adhesives offer producers of cement bags and other multiply paper bags a high performance adhesive for the longtitude and bottomer station of the most modern sack machines.

With minimal glue usage per bag, very high water resistant properties, also for poreus sack kraft paper, the ProCol adhesives are in high demand by the industry.

Other applications are:

  • Textile cone winding
  • Textile printing cloth glue
  • Laminating; paper/paper – paper/alu